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Casino Royale

We have hosted some terrific kids parties in the past 30 days at several of our Chicago kid party and birthday party locations

We recently hosted a 7th birthday party for a young man at our Evanston, Illinois birthday party location.

In the case of our 7 year old guest of honor, a Casino Royale theme was designed for his birthday party.  Among other things, he is a James Bond aficionado.

And, our client, the Mom, hired us to provide the Chicago kid party location, food, beverages, entertainment, themed decor, staffing, and goodie bags.

 Here's how the 7th birthday party party ended up.

First, we hosted at our Chicago kid party location, just North of Chicago in Evanston.


Because Mom was looking for either a downtown location or Northern Chicago kid party location for her son's birthday party.  And, our Northern Chicago kid party location worked best for her, the size of her group, the kind of kids party entertainment she wanted, and her budget. 

At this particular Chicago kid party location, we supply FREE parking for your guests. 

Yes, you read that correctly.  We actually have a Chicago kid party location where there is FREE parking for you and your party guests.  Sweet, huh?

We supplied a kid party room to accommodate a total of 80 guests, adults and children.  And, that is enough party space for dining and entertainment.

QUICK ASIDE: Our Chicago kids party and general party spaces are PRIVATE.

What does that mean, PRIVATE party location?

It means that the kids party space is YOURS; and, is NOT open to the public.

And, it doesn't matter how long you want your Chicago kids party to be. 

You can choose for your Chicago kids party to be 2, 3, 4, or 5+ hours long.  Unlike indoor playgrounds and bouncy places that work on volume, we are not looking at our watch, rushing you out the door so the next kids party can get in the door.

This is your child's birthday party or special celebration.  And, the kids parties we design are run for as long as you want them to be celebrated.  In the case of our 7th birthday boy, the party was 3 hours long.

 Our client had an entire floor of the building just for her son's 7th birthday party.  We also provided her with her own:

  • dedicated private banquet server

  • bartender

  • coat room

  • private, FAMILY FRIENDLY bathrooms

Oh, yes, that's right Mom.  Our bathrooms are IMMACULATE and FAMILY FRIENDLY. 

If one of your guests at our Chicago kid party locations has a small child who is having a melt down, she will not need to balance 80 things to change her child's diaper or clothing. 

And, in the case of our Evanston location, the bathrooms are for your Chicago kids party guests ONLY.  Cool, huh?

OK, so, we've got the Chicago birthday party location and now it's time to provide the kids party entertainment.  Boy, was it fabulous.  Remember, a James Bond, Casino Royale theme, right?

So, at the main door to the party room was a scrolling "WELCOME" message - projected using light - on the wall by the party room entrance.

At the entrance to the kid party room was a red carpet and a "CASINO SECURITY" guard dressed in a suit...complete with a REAL metal detector.

Each one of the kids party guests received a Special Agent name tag.  And, they were scanned for "weapons" before entering. 

The birthday boy in particular loved the metal detector, and enjoyed using it long after his party guests arrived. 

At the recommendation of our Event Producer, the birthday boy was dressed in a tuxedo, in true James Bond fashion.  And, he was an absolutely fabulous host, mature well beyond his 7 years.

Once the kid party guests walked along the red carpet and through security, they walked underneath a red spotlight, and into the kids party room, which had been transformed into an authentic looking casino.

The kids and the adults are able to shed their coats in a private coat room - for this group of party guests only.

And, the kids go running for Agent 99, who happens to be one of the best balloon sculptors in the Great Lakes Region.

Of course, the guest of honor gets a 4 foot long bazooka balloon that is bigger than he is.  Boy, you should have seen the look on his face.

 Even though the kids party was from 2PM-5PM, all the light in the room was provided artificially.

All light from the windows was blocked.  Concert LED lights - with millions of color combinations - and laser lights provided the atmosphere for the kids party room.

Pool tables were covered and turned into blackjack and poker tables, complete with cards and authentic casino chips.  FYI, NO gambling takes place.  This element is for entertainment purposes only.

However, the blackjack and Texas Hold'em table tops and casino chip sets acted as giveaways for a couple of lucky party guests.  Pretty sweet.

And, both the dining tables and high boy tables were all covered with white linen, and topped with tea candles.  And, the tables were all set up on one half of the party room.

The other side was all about the kids party entertainment, complete with a high energy, themed Fun Director and a DJ. 

Non-stop, age appropriate, kid party games, activities and dances made up most of the 3 hours.  All of the kids are playing together, at the same time, with the birthday boy in the spotlight as much or as little as he wants.

Micro cheeseburgers, curly fries, and lemonade - served in plastic martini glasses - made up the kids party fare. 

And, an open bar and hot appetizer buffet was provided for the adult party guests.  Of course, birthday cake was on the menu for all the kid party guests.

All of the music is coming through a commercial, children friendly BOSE sound system.  So, the music is incapable of hurting anyone's ears.

The kids party is cranking up until the very end, with the birthday boy being a fabulous and gracious host.  And, we provided kids party goodie bags in true James Bond fashion - boxes sealed with caution tape -  a secret message, and 1 1/2-2 pounds of candy in each box.  Yes, you better believe there were MANY happy faces.

For the birthday boy, we got the most fabulous goodie box.  It's so cool, I can't even list it here. 

Let's just say it was one-of-a-kind and JUST for the birthday boy.  And, the result was a smile from both the birthday boy as well as his parents.

Of course, setup and cleanup is on us. 

And, we provided a gift table for the kids party gifts from the guests; and, we supply a separate table for the goodie bags for the kids.

While dozens of other elements were available, these were the elements our client liked the best.

What will work best for your Chicago kids party?

Chicago Mad Scientist Kid Party Theme

OK Chicago, here is a kid party theme with a difference that will thrill and delight all those budding scientists out there.

What do all children love to do? They love to experiment. After all, it is all part of growing up.

And, here is a fabulous way to do it: a mad scientist kid party. Your group of children will be tasting, smelling and
concocting a lab full of fun. Here we go.

OK, Chicago, let's start with the kid party invitations.

Give us the names of all the children who will be attending your kids party. And, we will provide you with the kid party invitations, in the shape of a mad scientist's lab coat.

In order to find out the details for your kids party, the child who receives the party
invitation will have to color over the invite with a colored crayon or water based paint to reveal the message.

Of course, you can deliver the kids party invitation the old fashioned way, by first class mail, in a decorated envelope; or, you can have our Mad Scientist hand deliver the kid party invitations for you, to each and every kid party guests' home. Cool, huh?

Alright, Chicago. You have delivered the kid party invitations. And, now it's time to get the kid party planning underway.

Well, you have already taken the first steps for your fabulous Chicago kids party by providing us with the children's first

We will be supplying each one of your kid party guests with their own mad scientist "lab coat" when they arrive at the party.

Supply us with passport size photos in advance, and we will have custom, mad scientist ID badges for your kid party guests when they arrive.

Otherwise, your kid party guests will have cartoon character faces on their ID badges, complete with their "Dr." and "Professor"
names clearly displayed.

Of course, Chicago, your kid party guests will also be receiving goofy glasses to go with the rest of their mad scientist ensemble.

We also supply the spray washable grey hair spray to put in your kid party guests' hair, along with hair gel or hair spray to
get their hair to stick up.

We will be taking pictures of the kids in polaroid or laser print format for you to give to your kid party guests as party gifts.

And, of course, one of our Fun Directors will be dressed up as a Mad Scientist to take
his kid party apprentices through the experiments.

Our Mad Scientist is outfitted completely with a wireless mic and BOSE sound
system to make the theme even more dramatic.

Whether you choose one of our Chicago kid party locations or you have us host your Chicago kids party at your location, we will make one room into the lab.

In the case of hosting the kid party at your location, it will contain any potential mess.

Whether you host at our Chicago kid party location or your kid party location, we will provide "Danger" tape and and a notice warning that only scientists may enter the "Secret Laboratory."

You will see lots of different shaped jars with colored water and rubber body
parts around the table. Cool, huh?

Depending on how far you want to take the theme for your Mad Scientist kids party, we can even provide a dry ice machine or low lying fog machine to completely transform the room.

If it is at your location, we can even replace the bulbs in your lights with coloured
lights bulbs; or, we can bring a coloured globle light to add an eerie appearance to the room for your kids party.

Are you starting to see just how cool this Chicago kids party can be?

You will see large question marks, magnifying glasses and mathematical formula decorations around the kid party room.

And, we even provide a large chalk board or easel to write the recipes for the different experiments that will be performed for your kid party guests.

We will be sticking up posters of famous scientists around the room with a small caption underneath of why they are famous.

As far as the Mad Scientist Party food goes for your kids party, we have a fabulous bakery who will make you a magnifying glass cake; and, you can even go in for a tasting.  How cool is that?

The rest of the food is served in glass bowls and given themed, mad scientist party names.  Have no fear, we keep the kid party food SIMPLE, so you don't have to worry about fussy eaters and kids with allergies. 

We also serve different colored drinks, in clear cups, complete with whirly straws, for your kids party.

OK, Chicago, you have the props, decor, and munchables for your kids party.  Now, it's time for the most important part for your Chicago kids party. The kids party entertainment and the FUN.

So, what are your kid party guests going to experience?

While the options are endless, here are a few options for your Chicago kids party.

First, we teach your kid party guests how to make slime.  Come on.  All kids love anything gooey that can slip through their fingers.  Don't you?  And, we provide the plastic cups with name tags - we don't want children fighting over who's slime is who's -  so that your kid party guests can take their goo home afterwards.

Depending on the age of your kid party guests, we have edible and non-edible slime recipes.  With the non-edible version, we can even make the slime glow-in-the-dark.  How is that for cool?

What other kind of cool kid party activities do we have for your Mad Scientist them party? Erupting volcanoes, magnetic celery, rocket launches, and, of course, the list of kid party experiments continues.  The best part is that your kid partyscientists participate in all of these experiments.

Big Top Circus

Kindly keep in mind, all these parties are results of one particular boy or girl's vision for their kids party.  We are experts at gathering information to create a party that is perfect for YOUR child.  In that way, each party is ONE OF A KIND and DIFFERENT from every other kids party in Chicago.

OK, recently, a young man had a circus them for his kids birthday party.

First, we provide a FAMILY FRIENDLY location to host the party. 

What does family friendly mean?

It means the bathrooms are spotless.  It means that the staff is accommodating to children; and, the entertainment is for EVERYONE, both children AND the adults.

OK, so first we picked a location that was central for Mom and her guests.  We picked one of our hosting location in Alsip.  And, we transformed the room into a Big Top. 

We blocked out the light coming through the unshaded windows and provided our own LED, atmospheric lighting

Each guest walked along a red carpet and under a huge balloon archway when they walked through the main door. 

Across from the front door, the birthday boy's name was clearly emblazoned on a 5' wide, red banner, welcoming all guests to his big top circus.

The Fun Director, dressed as a big top ringmaster - complete with top hat and jacket with tails - had family friendly music kicking on his state of the art BOSE sound system as the guests arrived.

And, each guest was greeted to the aroma of freshly popped popcorn and newly spun cotton candy.  The popcorn machine and the cotton candy machine were provided to give this Chicago kids party an even more authentic circus appeal.

The Fun Director sculpted balloons for the children until all the guests arrived.

And, out comes the first feature entertainer, a fabulous Chicago clown.  She did temporary tattoos for the children, played games, sung songs while she played guitar, performed magic, and did some stunning balloon sculptures. 

After the clown finished her performance, the Fun Director took over entertaining the whole crowd with games, activities, and dances - everything is to music.  Both the children and adults were entertained for hours at this Chicago kids party.

With about 1/2 hour left in the birthday party, the cake was cut; and, one final game was done with the children and the adults until the party was over. 

Again, the circus is fun for everyone.  And, this party needed to be fun for the children and the adults, too.

Of course, all the candy for the goodie bags was served in popcorn containers to keep with that authentic, circus feel.

And, the Fun Director made certain to have all the children give a big Thank You to the hostess, as well as give a great big hug to the birthday boy before they went home.

Another Carnival Theme

OK, Chicago, so we just produced a carnival theme for a lovely, young lady for her 3 year old Chicago birthday party.

For this Chicago kids party, we provided all kinds of entertainment and goodies that you would expect to see at an indoor carnival.

In one room for this Chicago kids party, we provided an open roof bounce house for the kids.  Since the room was only 9' tall, this bounce house was a perfect fit for this Chicago kids party

Make no mistake, these units are top of the line commercial bounce houses.  In fact, our units are made by the safest manufacturers in the industry - the one's that Disney, Nickelodeon and Time/Warner allows their licensed characters to be put on as themes.  You cannot get a safer unit for your Chicago kids party.  But, let's get back to the fun, Chicago.

In addition to the open bounce house,  we also featured one of our Chicago clowns in the same room.  This Chicago clown sculpted balloons and provided temporary tattoos for the 50+ children attending this Chicago kids party.

In the next room, we have a table, about 30 feet long, for the guests to enjoy their carnival fare.  What is on the menu? Hot dogs, courtesy of our commercial hot dog roller to cook hot dogs fast and fun.  Yes, fun.  Watch the children's faces at your Chicago kids party light up when they see one of these machines cooking their hot dogs.

And, along with the main course, there was plenty of carnival themed dessert.  We featured a cotton candy machine, with an attendant.  We provided a commercial popcorn machine and snow cone machine for the children, as well.

And, our client opted for a dual bowl frozen drink machine, for strawberry daiquiris and pina coladas for the ADULTS. 

As you can imagine, all the carnival concessions were a huge hit.

To accommodate the larger size group, we had another one of our Chicago clowns sculpting balloons and providing temporary tattoos in the other room.

And, after everyone had their fill, the feature entertainer came in for the final hour of the party.  One of our Chicago clowns, a Tier 4 clown, came in with a concert BOSE sound system, wireless mic, jammin' tunes, and a concert bubble machine (give the Quicktime movie a moment to load when you click on the bubble machine link).  And, the Chicago clown cranked this Chicago kids party with 60 minutes of non-stop, age appropriate games, activities and dances for the kids AND the adults.  And, everything was set to music. 

Our Tier 4 Chicago clowns, in particular, know how to entertain large groups of people of all ages at a Chicago kids party.

As you can imagine, both the Mom and Dad of the birthday girl were very happy.  And, we are blessed to have them as repeat clients, continually trusting us with the production of their Chicago kids parties. 

Fun Director

OK Chicago, here is a simple, non-stop, fun, action packed party for the kids AND the adults for your Chicago kids party.  And, you can wrap it all up in two words - Fun Director.

Our Fun Director, single handedly, entertains the kids AND the adults for hours on end.  And, the more the merrier. 

For this Chicago kids party, the young lady was turning 3 years old.  And, about 50 guests turned out to celebrate her big day.

We hosted this Chicago kids party in one of our family friendly kids party locations in Evanston, Illinois.

This Chicago kids party party was held in one large party room, with dedicated serving staff, as well as a bartender; and, all were there to serve our client...period.  Clean private bathrooms and a private coat room were also complimentary amenities for this Chicago kids party.

When the guests began to arrive, they were greeted with upbeat, jammin' tunes, broadcast through our professional BOSE sound system

After all the guests arrived, it was just 2 hours of non-stop, age appropriate, games, activities and dances - for the kids AND the adults.  Of course, our Fun Director brought all the props to use at the Chicago kids party.  And, one of our amateur photographers captured all the smiling faces over the course of the party.

And, this Chicago kids party had one more amenity which was a huge hit for the kids: a concert bubble machine (give the Quicktime movie a moment to load when you click on the bubble machine link).

At intervals, hundreds and hundreds of bubbles shoot out from the machine, carrying nearly twenty feet away, towards the extended hands of the children.  For nearly every Chicago kids party clients, the concert bubble machine has become a staple.  Why? Because it is always a smash hit.  And, any Chicago kids party location that wants your business will allow it.  If they don't, they are not really family friendly.

As always, our Fun Director closes the Chicago kids party with all the guests giving big hugs and "Thank you's" to the birthday child.  The "big hug" at our Chicago kids parties makes for a Kodak moment.

Princess Themed Chicago Kids Party

What happens at a Chicago kids party for your princess? Here are some of the ideas that we made a reality. 

Each guest at this Chicago kids party was greeted at the front door by one of the court jesters - one of our Chicago clowns - given a royal balloon sculpture, and escorted from the main gate to the royal hall.

Upon entering the great hall for this Chicago kids party, each of her majesty’s royal subjects walked across a red carpet and were showered with bubbles from our concert bubble machine.  To see our bubble machine in action for your Chicago kids party, click HERE.

The room was made fit for her majesty and her court for this Chicago kids party.  Each of the tables was adorned with table to floor, white table cloths with pink runners.  And, each of the tables had a magnificent balloon centerpiece.  You can see examples of princess themed balloon centerpieces for your Chicago kids party by clicking HERE.

Hanging from our 17’ tall, royal hall ceilings were 3’ diameter balloons – in the Princess’ colors of pinks and purples – to give even more of a feel of royalty to this Chicago kids party.  The royal minstrel – our top notch Chicago kids DJ – was playing music fit for the princess through our family friendly, concert BOSE sound system.  The little majesty for this party was even able to choose her favorite songs using our Chicago kids party online, music search engine.  You can see an example by clicking HERE.

Of course, what is a festive gathering in the great hall without a great feast?  For this Chicago kids party, the young princess and her royal court enjoyed cuisine served by costumed attendants.  We provided Her Majesty’s Ice Cream Cart, Her Majesty’s Hot Dog Cart, Her Majesty’s Cotton Candy Cart, and Her Majesty’s Popcorn machine for this Chicago kids party.  To reward her loyal subjects for this Chicago kids party, her majesty provided make your own candy goodie bags, served through our commercial, candy vending machines.  You can see an example of those machines by clicking HERE.

All loyal subjects paid homage by viewing the life of her majesty in HD video - Cinderella never had THAT option – for this Chicago kids party.  You can see an example of what a video montage looks like by clicking HERE.  And, of course, it was displayed on a big screen, HD plasma TV.  Sorry again, Cinderella. 

Of course, her majesty was hoisted high into the air by several of her strong, loyal subjects.  There, she was adorned by her loyal subjects, followed by hugs and kisses and gifts.  Your princess themed Chicago kids party can be a unique creation, as well.

"Party it Forward, Chicago."

Hey, gift-giving will always be a part of the birthday tradition, however...IF you're up for the challenge, Chicago. AND you're willing to forsake a FEW Made in China action figures, then throw a Chicago kids party and ask your guests NOT to bring gifts. Instead, ask them to help you SUPPORT a charitable cause of your CHILD's choosing.

It's a win-win situation for your Chicago kids birthday party.

You throw a SUPER COOL, TOTALLY AWESOME birthday party, everyone has an absolutely UNFORGETTABLE TIME, and your charity of choice receives MUCH NEEDED SUPPORT.

Party it Forward, Chicago.  Pretty sweet, don't you think?

While it may be difficult to fathom at times, it's CERTAINLY worth a shot, at least ONCE in your life. You can ALWAYS find a way to compensate for a mountain of gifts with a SUPER-COOL Chicago kids party, one big and useful gift IF YOU CHOOSE, or any other creative way you want.

Our Proposition

If you "Party it Forward" and throw a Benefit Birthday Party, just send us the story with pictures and everything else you find important.  We'll feature it on our website and help you to continue the support for your favorite charitable cause - WAY after the party has ended.  EVERYBODY WINS.  TAKE THE NEXT STEP and call us now to produce your Party It Forward Benefit Party at 312-476-9170. 

You'll be glad you did.

You can read a young children's friendly excerpt of the Pay It Forward novel by clicking HERE.

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